I am not one to tell people what to do.  However, if you have not had a flu shot, you might want to reconsider.

–The number of Georgia flu cases is skyrocketing, and health officials say the side effects of this particular strain are especially severe.

–Eighteen people have died from flu in Massachusetts, one of 41 states battling widespread influenza outbreaks. Emergency rooms across the country have been overwhelmed with flu patients, turning away some of them and others with non-life-threatening conditions for lack of space.

–The flu outbreak in Wisconsin has overwhelmed hospitals and is starting to spread out of control.

–Health officials say the number of Michigan children reported dead from the flu this season has risen to four.

–A record number of children — 123 — tested positive for the flu at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in the first week of January, and 16 were hospitalized, according to Patsy Stinchfield, the director of infectious diseases.


ADDL SOURCES:  abcnews, todaystmj4,

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