Chris Brown, Rihanna

If you have daughters, you should.

By the looks of it, the rumors have been confirmed.  Chris Brown and Rihanna have rekindled their love affair which was brought to a halt in 2009.  The couple was seen together over the holidays at a Lakers game.

Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 to felony assault of Rihanna in connection with an incident while the then-couple was driving home from a pre-Grammy party.

Under the plea deal, Brown was required to serve 180 days of community service and undergo domestic violence counseling.

Who cares if the two get back together?  Well, if you have daughters, especially teen-aged ones, you surely should.   Young girls are heavily influenced by what they see on TV, social media sites and all.  Hopefully, you have taught them that it’s not okay to beat up a woman and if it happens to them, report it and stay away from the offender.  Statistics show that it will usually happen again.

I do believe that people can change.  However, don’t take a chance with your life.  It’s plenty of women who have been killed by men who ‘claim’ to have changed.  imjusayin.

Photo: Alex Gallardo
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