It seems a radio station in the UK thought it would be a good idea to prank the hospital where Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was treated for an extreme form of morning sickness  One of the nurses indirectly involved in the prank was found dead Friday morning, the hospital said in a statement.

Two Australian DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian of Sydney station 2Day FM, pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and were put through to the ward. They were then given an update on Kate’s health by a nurse.

The nurse who died was the person who first took the hoax call and transferred it through to Catherine’s ward, the hospital said.

The hospital named her as Jacintha Saldanha and said she had worked at the hospital for more than four years as an “excellent nurse,” who was well respected by co-workers.

This should make  all the prank call skits radio stations and comedians like to perform take a second look at what they are doing.  You never know how stable the victims of these pranks are.  This particular prank was ‘funny’ a few days ago.  Now not so much.

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