Callie on October 30th, 2012

I enjoyed this musical endorsement for the re-election of President Barack Obama by Crystal Lucas-Perry for CrystalMadeProductions.   Watch and let me know what you think. Tweet Pin It

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Callie on October 30th, 2012

Rev. Danny Kirk Sr. was killed by a man who crashed a car into a wall at the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church, then chased Kirk and fatally beat him with an electric guitar. Police had to use a taser to subdue the suspect who was taken into custody.  They have not released the suspect’s name […]

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Callie on October 30th, 2012

Little Ferry, NJ –REUTERS/Adam Hunger NY Financial district–Andrew Burton/Getty Images Lower Manhattan—AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews Virginia Beach–REUTERS/Rich-Joseph Facun   check out more photos HERE Tweet Pin It

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Callie on October 27th, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ to show Jimmy her plan to help him remember to vote. “We live in a country, fortunately, where they make sure voting is as easy as possible,” she said. “No matter who you’re voting for–vote. That’s the point.”   Tweet Pin It

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Callie on October 26th, 2012

East Coast take head to the forecast,  Hurricane Sandy is hon de way!!? From Residents from southern New England to New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia should begin to prepare for Sandy. Effects from Sandy could potentially begin as early as Sunday and peak in intensity Monday into Tuesday.   Tweet […]

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Callie on October 26th, 2012

A New York City Nanny is accused of stabbing two children to death in a luxury NY apartment. Police say the dad, Kevin Krim was away on a business trip when the mom, Marina Krim arrived back to the apartment with her 3-year-old and found 1-year-old Leo and 6-year-old LuLu dead in the bathroom. The nanny was found […]

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Callie on October 25th, 2012

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses President Barack Obama for re-election. “I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012 and I’ll be voting for he and for Vice President Joe Biden next month.” “And so I think we ought to keep on the track that we […]

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While you watch the above video, did you know that you could vote early.  Check your states board of  elections website for locations, dates and times.  Here are a few: Maryland   Florida  Georgia  North Carolina Illinois Arizona Tennessee Tweet Pin It

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