Oprah’s ratings on her OWN network have been on the increase since she debuted her much watched interview show, ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ as she has landed much sought after celebrities to discuss their drama.

Usher stepped in the OWN zone recently and shared his experience going through a custody battle with his ex-wife.  Here are some of the details in his own words:

“I really felt like we were friends. She made us enemies in a way that I could never understand.” 

“I’ve been a man of integrity throughout the entire process, which I hope my boys will understand. That’s the way to go. That’s the way to be.”

“Towards the end of our marriage, I found myself lost, and I just wanted out.”

“No. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way. Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful.”

Watch Usher’s bedroom confessions below:

Usher’s Bedroom Confessions

It’s something Oprah says she’s always wondered about: Does Usher, an artist known for his steaming hot videos and sexy song lyrics, make love to his own music? His answer may surprise you.

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