Na Cola Franklin,31 is accused of stabbing her fiance, Billy Brewster, at the a Pennsylvania apartment their shared the morning of their wedding.  An altercation allegedly occurred when Brewster announced that he was going out to grab food for a crowd, according to relatives.   Brewster was stabbed in the upper torso.

Franklin didn’t realize he was dead until the judge announced the that she was charged with homicide.

“You got to check again!” Franklin cried out during the Saturday afternoon court hearing, begging the judge to check once more on Brewster’s condition, according to the newspaper.

“He was pronounced dead by the Lehigh County coroner earlier today,” District Judge Donna Butler was quoted as saying.

The newspaper said Franklin began wailing and rocking, and choked out the words: “I … did … not … kill … him … on … purpose,” she said. “I want my family back. … I want to go home.”

The judge said that wasn’t one of Franklin’s options: “You are not going home any time in the near future.”  Source

Photo: Whitehall Township Police Department
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