According to,  R&B Diva Mariah Carey is joining the American Idol competition program as a judge.  The news comes after two judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler quit weeks ago.  Carey joins the panel with original judge Randy Jackson who is said to be in limbo on whether or not he is returning.

“We do in fact have one judge whose deal closed very, very recently,”  (Fox Entertainment President Kevin) Reilly told reporters. “It’s an artist that many contestants have tried to emulate, have tried to have sung the songs, have tried to hit the notes and because it really was concluded only hours ago, our judge couldn’t be with us.” 

The then put a phone call on speaker phone, and Carey’s voice could be heard. 

“I am so excited to be joining Idol,” she said. “First of all, I wanted to be there today and I wish I could’ve been there to tell you, but I think you know this all kind of just happened real quickly, so I can’t wait to get started in a couple months.”

Will the songbird help with ratings?  Only time will tell.  I am sure her ‘butterflies’ will up the numbers a bit.  No word on who the third judge will be.

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