There were three slots up for grabs in the women’s 100 meters.  When it came time to determine the 3rd place sprinter, the judges ran across a dilemma.  Two women, Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh, crossed the line at the same time in a photo finish.  So who will represent the US in the 100 meter sprint?  No one knows.  The sprinters have several options to break the tie.

One of the runners can give up her claim to a spot on the Olympic team.

If neither one takes that unlikely option, they’ll be asked if they want to run a tie-breaking race or flip a coin.

If they choose the same option, the committee will respect their wishes.

If they disagree, they’ll have to race for it.

And if both athletes refuse to declare a preference, officials will flip a coin — a U.S. quarter to be exact.  More.



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