The mother of a man who police said chewed off much of the face of a homeless man says her son is not the monster being portrayed on the news.

“I knew my son,” said Eugene’s mother, Ruth Charles. “Rudy will never, never do something like that.” 

“The truth of the matter is my brother would never, my brother would never, be homeless. You know what I’m saying? He would never be homeless,” said Eugene’s brother. “He had people that love him. He had somewhere to stay. He had somewhere to be.” 

“Somebody killed him, and they just go and they dump him,” Charles said. WPLG

Rudy Eugene was fatally shot by police in Miami while chewing on the face of Ronald Poppo on a Miami highway.  Authorities believe Eugene may have been on some type of drugs.   Right before the violent act, Eugene was seen walking from a beach area shedding his clothes.

Of course, the family would say he wasn’t a monster.  I actually saw the graphic picture the victims face after it was chewed off.  Only a monster would do such a thing.  Sad.

Poppo is in critical condition at a local Miami hospital.


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2 Comments on Family of Face Eating Man Says He’s No Monster

  1. Anon says:

    As a reporter, I think it’s very unethical for you to say someone was a monster. This guy was very apparently on some kind of mind altering chemical substance. Yes, a terrible thing happened. But, do you really think name calling is the best way to handle it? I think it’s crass and unethical of you.

  2. Callie says:

    Thank you Anon for your comments. I have to tell you that I am not a reporter. I am a blogger who blogs current events inserting my opinion as I see fit. I am sorry you feel I am being unethical about this situation. However, I stand by my comments. I think Eugene was somewhat of a monster to eat this homeless guys face off.
    I hope you come back and welcome your comments.