Chaos broke out for the funeral near Atlanta for a 19-year-old Ryan Guider who was murdered last week.

Two people were killed when shots were fired in the parking lot as mourners filed out of the church.   A man fired some shots in the air then it seems people at the funeral shot back and killed the man, but police were still looking for the shooter and had detained three other people.

It is being reported that the original shots were fired by Marcus D. Ventress,28, the man accused of killing Guider.

Authorities said Ventress, 28, shot Guider, who died May 27, as retaliation Law enforcement sources told investigators that Guider “burglarized the home of Ventress, stealing jewelry, cash and drugs and punching Ventress’ mother,” Sgt. Adrion Bell with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said. Police said Ventress also is accused of shooting into an apartment in the 5800 block of Treecrest Parkway, thinking Guider lived there. AJC

Question:  If Ventress killed Guider, how is he not in jail?  No snitching in effect.  Shame.
12:24p UPDATE:  Police say that they two people killed at the funeral shot each other.  No names have been released.
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