Headline: Meet your new role models.   It’s the sexy issue and it should be the drama issue.

Everybody knows that you shouldn’t pattern your life around the antics of women on reality shows.  Smart people know that majority of reality shows are partially scripted but definitely staged.  I don’t care how mad you get when you see stars on TV acting a complete fool, you will continue to watch.  I’m guilty of it.  However, I find myself cringing throughout the broadcasts.  The difference between me and the little girls watching is that I know how to act.  Little girls look up to the people they see on TV.   No they should not be role models.  Not calling any names but who wants to be a bully, instigator, ego maniac or a ho?   There are plenty of women on TV who are ideal role models.  Nobody is watching them.

Bad behavior is always rewarded in show business with salaries and bonuses.  I am happy to see the backlash against foolishness but I know for sure that it’s here to stay.  Money Talks.

People will sell their souls for cash.  Would you?


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1 Comment on Reality Stars, Kandi Burress, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin Cover Vibe

  1. TondaLaye Lasiter says:

    I concur in part; Television is a form of entertainment and that only. While some aspects are from real life experiences, most is ficticious -Reality TV. Our world is supply and demand–we ask (by viewing to boast ratings) and they {the network} supply. Everyone is held accountable for their own behavior including celebrities, who at one time, was just like you and I. Yes, they should have some sense of responsibility for what they put out; however, they should not be viewed as role models to our children. The role model should start at home with the parents! If I were a parent, while I can not watch my children twenty four hours of the day, I do feel that it is my responsibilty to teach them right from wrong and real versus fake. Personally, I dont think it is appropriate for any teenaged girl under the age of sixteen to engage in that type of television, but if she does, you can bet I will be the example in the end that she will want to follow..IJS