Brian Banks, now 26, had the NFL in his sights when at 17 he was convicted of kidnap and rape by a high school acquaintance, Wanetta Gibson.   He was exonerated of all charges yesterday when new evidence came to light.

After serving 6 years in prison Wanetta Gibson contacted him via Facebook to request him as a ‘friend’.   Banks did not.  However, he agreed to meet with her with a private investigator in tow.

In a recorded conversation, Gibson admitted that she lied about the rape.  She said that the two had been “making out pretty heavy” at school but that they did not have intercourse or “anything like that.”  She went on to say that adults put things in her head and blew it out of proportion.  Gibson did not tell prosecutors because her family won a $1.5M lawsuit against the school system and she didn’t want to return the money.

The hearing that changed Banks’ life took only minutes. Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Brentford Ferreira said his office conceded the case should be dismissed. Superior Court Judge Mark C. Kim concurred and quickly announced it was over.

Banks still has hopes of playing in the NFL as he has been in training since October.  He is also working on a documentary about his life.

No word on whether Gibson will be charged with filing a false police report.  Most people agree that she should be required to return the money.




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