Three men were arrested and charged with carjacking, conspiracy to carjack, unarmed robbery and conspiracy to rob not armed in the carjacking of gospel great Pastor Marvin Winans.

Phillip Givens and Christopher Moorehead, both 20 and of Detroit, and Brian Keith Young, 18 robbed the preacher outside a Detroit convenience store last week.

Winans spoke from the pulpit about the crime and arrests stating that he is not angry but he is ‘just sad … to think we have reared young men to prey — p-r-e-y — on people that they think are weaker.’

“The city is fixable, and it starts with the men of the city, in particular the black men,” he said. “And I … want to urge all of you men who hear me to go and get your sons. I’m not bitter. I’m not upset. I’m saddened by what has taken place. But I’m also inspired. We have to make a change in this city.”

Winans says most of his belongings were recovered, including his luxury SUV which was found next to an abandoned house.

Photo: Detroit Free press
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