Forty five days after the killing of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, his killer, George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.  The charge can carry a sentence up to Life in prison.

George Zimmerman was logged into the jail in Sanford on Wednesday night, hours after a special prosecutor announced the charge against him. He’s expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday.

Television cameras showed black SUVs pulling into a loading area, but the suspect himself wasn’t visible.

Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara says that his client will plead not guilty. Zimmerman is being held without bond but O’Mara said he plans to ask for bail to be set.

Zimmerman has acknowledged shooting Martin but says it was in self-defense after the two got into a fight on Feb. 26.  ajc

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  An arrest does not mean that Zimmerman will be convicted.  Remember Florida is where a jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of her own daughter.  I just hope justice is truly served with Zimmerman.

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