Danielle Yvonne Slaughter of Las Vegas killed her 6-year-old daughter claiming the little girl spoke “evil words,” laughed “in an evil voice” and clawed and kicked at her.  Slaughter picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed the girl several times.

Officers found Slaughter shedding her clothes as she ran screaming through the streets of northwest Las Vegas on Sunday. The frenzied woman didn’t appear to be injured, though paramedics took her to a hospital.

Police believe the blood on Slaughter was from her daughter. Homicide detectives who questioned her early Monday said she responded to news of the death with disbelief and confusion.

“Did I kill my daughter? Is she dead?” Slaughter asked.

In a recorded police interview, Slaughter said she has had trouble sleeping since she started taking the weight-loss product Hydroxycut four days earlier. She said she slept just one hour on the night before she was found running in the street.

Slaughter told police that she wanted to remove the “evil presence” from her home and that she kept her daughter home from day care because of it.  Source


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