A Maryland woman, Shanae Lewis,  went into a Radio Shack to purchase a cassette adapter.  After finding out that the store didn’t have a bag compatible, she decided to return the item for a refund.  When she left the store and looked at the receipt, she noticed that the receipt described as a ‘ugly itch from Ghettohood USA living in Tattooville, MD’.

When Lewis returned to RadioShack, the 27-year-old says she was greeted with a few curse words from the manager. The employee that wrote the note on the receipt began to apologize,  calling the words “just a joke,” said Lewis.

When she attempted to get a number for the store’s corporate office, Lewis says she was given a bogus number and the manager threatened to call the cops.

Lewis did eventually contact the corporate office and fax a copy of the receipt.

“Based on descriptions we’ve seen in the media, this incident obviously does not meet RadioShack’s expectations for customer service,” Eric Bruner, a spokesman for RadioShack told ABC News.  ”RadioShack responded immediately after seeing reports in the media, taking the strongest possible disciplinary actions.” It is against company policy to discuss individual personnel matters but the company has taken the “strongest action available” in response to the issue.

The company has attempted to contact Lewis to offer an apology.

“So far we’ve been unable to connect, although we have conveyed our regrets to another person in her household,” said Bruner.

Lewis says she will never return to the stores. The Baltimore resident that visits the electronics company several times a month is looking to return the items she has purchased over the last few weeks at the store.  Source


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