Healthy eating is encouraged to keep you body, mind and spirit in good form.  How many times have you eaten a plate of bad food and felt horrible afterwards?  That was your body telling you  ‘Oh no you didn’t’.

I chose Nutrition as the Health Awareness topic of this month because it’s something that I’ve been trying to get a handle on for years.  It’s easier to eat unhealthy than healthy.  Healthy can sometimes be more expensive but it’s worth it.

We can all do something right now to get our nutrition in check.  Check out some healthy ideas:

At home, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, one-quarter of your plate with protein, and one-quarter of your plate with whole-grain carbs.

Enjoy smaller meals throughout the day. Small meals and two snacks keep your body’s energy up.

Don’t finish your plate if you aren’t hungry. Pack up the leftovers and put them in your fridge. When eating out, have the waiter bag up half of your meal before serving it to you.

Mindful eating and portion control help to curb overeating.

Treat yourself in moderation! Try to find healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods that you love. Or, allow a portion-savvy amount of them here and there — avoiding your guilty pleasures entirely may just cause you to binge when you finally allow yourself a little taste.   Source

And don’t forget to exercise.


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