The merry-go-round divorce proceeding of Bishop Eddie Long and his wife Vanessa has been called off for the second or third time.

V Long asked that the divorce petition be dismissed.

One of Bishop Eddie Long’s lawyers, Lawrence Cooper, confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that  Vanessa Long had asked that the divorce petition be dismissed. He declined to say if the Longs were reunited. In an emailed response to the AJC, Vanessa Long’s lawyers declined to comment.

It is the second time in three months that Vanessa Long has called off plans to divorce the popular DeKalb County minister, who has battled accusations of improper sexual relationships with male members of his congregation.  ajc

There is obviously some serious problems going on within this union.  I wouldn’t doubt that the Mrs. is being manipulated by the suave pastor.  Good Luck to them.


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