Um, can someone pass me a recipe book?  Fast food is in the news again and not for anything good.

After weeks of anonymity as “Restaurant Chain A” in an investigation into a salmonella outbreak that infected dozens of people in ten states, Taco Bell has been outed as the “Mexican-style” restaurant chain linked to the dangerous infections.

The outbreak, which occurred in October 2011, infected 68 people total, mostly in Texas, and sent more than 20 to the hospital, according to a January report by the Centers for Disease Control. No deaths were linked to the outbreak.

While the CDC and Food and Drug Administration officials were unable to pinpoint exactly what food product may have caused the outbreak, the report said “data indicate[ed] that contamination likely occurred before the product reached Restaurant Chain A locations.”

But it was not until Wednesday that Restaurant Chain A was identified by Food Safety News as the fast food favorite Taco Bell, based on data provided by a health official at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. In that state, 16 people had been infected with salmonella.  ABC

Ok Burger King, what you got?

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