Okay Okay Okay.  This is some exciting news.  Well it’s rumor and I don’t usually do rumor but it’s too good.  The internet is all abuzz over the anticipation that a new iPad is coming out.  Specifically, the iPad 3 is coming out.  Now I usually do not purchase the first edition of electronics.  I want all the kinks and updates loaded before I take the plunge.  BUT, I may have to make an exception for the iPad 3.

There are a kazillion new web domain with variations of  iPad 3 rumors, facts and specs.

Here’s what techies are saying:

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPad – which will come in two versions – at the iWorld scheduled for January 26, 2012, according to sources at its supply chain partners. The new models will join the existing iPad 2 to demonstrate Apple’s complete iPad series targeting the entry-level, mid-range and high-end market segments, the sources claimed.  digitimes

Well, now that I have researched this for about a week, all of the rumors appear to come from the same source.   The talk is that a new ipad 3 is coming out early this year and the iPad 4 may come out late 2012.   Who knows what’s happening at this point.  I will have to see it to believe it.


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