Runaway teen Jakadrien Turner, 15 and missing since 2010,  was mistakenly deported to Columbia in April 2011 when she gave authorities an incorrect name while being arrested for theft.   Jakadrien, who is now pregnant,  will be handed over to U.S. diplomatic officials Friday,  authorities said.

Family members say  the then 14 year old teen ran away during family turmoil; she was distraught over the death of her grandparents and her parents divorce.

News 8 learned that Jakadrien somehow ended up in Houston, where she was arrested by Houston police for theft. She gave Houston police a fake name. When police in Houston ran that name, it belonged to a 22-year-old illegal immigrant from Colombia, who had warrants for her arrest.

So ICE officials stepped in.

News 8 has learned ICE took the girl’s fingerprints, but somehow didn’t confirm her identity and deported her to Colombia, where the Colombian government gave her a work card and released her.

There are still many unanswered questions about how an African-American girl who speaks no Spanish is mistaken for a foreign national. Immigration officials are investigating and released a statement late Tuesday.

“ICE takes these allegations very seriously,” said ICE Director of Public Affairs Brian Hale. ” At the direction of [the Department of Homeland Security], ICE is fully and immediately investigating this matter in order to expeditiously determine the facts of this case.”




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