This is disgusting.

Democratic campaign manager, Jacob Burris,  came home to find the family cat dead on his doorstep with the word ‘liberal’ written on the cat’s body.  Burris served as Ken Aden’s campaign manager since October 2011. Aden, a Democrat, is currently running for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District.

“We suspect this is the action of a rogue individual or group of individuals who are the type of folks that stoop to the lowest common denominator instead of engaging in civil political discourse,” Aden said in a statement. “It is unfortunate this has occurred, and we will await the results of the police and federal investigations.”  Read more including picture.

I am trying to think what would make an individual do such a thing.  Politics  can be brutal.  The culprits need to have the book thrown at them.  Police have no suspects at this time.

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