So I was watching the finale to ANTM last night.   They were down to three finalists, Allison, Angelea and Lisa who just ripped the runway in Crete.   After the commercial break, the winner was to be announced.   Take the needle off the record… when ANTM returned, all of a sudden we were back in LA. What?  Tyra announced that due to some information the producers found, Angelea was disqualified so she was out and we are down to Allison and Lisa.    Lisa was then crowned the winner of ANTM Shady All Stars.

Rumors were swirling on Twitter that Angelea, seen above, was disqualified because she somehow leaked information on the final three.  In fact, the most shocking rumor is that Angelea actually won.  Now it all make sense.  If Lisa actually won,  the finale would have finished in Crete.  The redo was due to Shady ANTM antics.   Reshooting a reality TV series is so Bogus.  And what really happened to judge Andre Tally.  Shady.

Congratulations Angelea.

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